Lexi Luna Fucks Her Coworker

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Johnny Castle and Lexi Luna are coworkers. Johnny is in an amazing mood since he’s planning his buddy’s bachelor party this weekend. He’s telling Lexi all about it and what the plan is! Bad news drop: Johnny has to work OT over the weekend and he’s at his wits end, he’s about to quit. Lexi does not want that to happen. How does she convince him not to quit? She sucks his dick and fucks him really good. He’s skipping the party, keeping his job and will be ready to fuck, err, work Monday morning! (Video duration: 34 min)

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Lexi Luna fucking in the classroom with her innie pussy

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Well, well, well, what do we have hear? Little Ricky thinks he can bulldoze his way into Professor Lexi Luna‘s room before class begins and blackmail her with salacious images he found of her? Perhaps, but Professor Luna knows the jig is up when he tells her that all he wants is a passing grade – something he’s already earned by being a good student. No, her big tits tell her something else is up, that Ricky actually wanted something other than a good grade from her. Could it be her authoritative pussy? Her liberated sexual mind? Yes! The cunning teacher calls him on it and tells him she’ll fuck him on her desk if he would just admit to his wrinkled ruse. The stuttering students folds to her investigation, then allows her to teach him a thing or two about a thing or two! (Video duration: 29 min)

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Stepmother Seduction

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Anya Olsen comes back to her dad’s place after her first week of college and meets her new stepmom, Lexi Luna. Her eyes immediately wander to Lexi’s big tits and she simply can’t keep her eyes off her cleavage, which makes her super horny. She pretends she has to study and runs upstairs where she wanders into the master bedroom. She finds her stepmom’s dildo and starts masturbating with it. Lexi eventually goes to check up on Anya and finds her playing with her favorite sex toy. She watches for a few moments before joining the horny teen for a hot lesbian fuck. The hot MILF and her stepdaughter then take turn licking and playing with each other’s dripping wet pussies!

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My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

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There’s something to be said for being single. JMac is five hours fresh out of a relationship, and he’s as happy as can be. But his ex-girlfriend’s friend Lexi Luna is not. She tells JMac that his ex is a nightmare when she’s single, dragging her out to party and try to get dick at all hours of the night, and that he has to get back with her. But J’s enjoying bachelorhood so far, and has no reason to look back. That’s when Lexi gives him two reasons, big tit 1 and big tit 2! Yup, she’s willing to let him play and suck on her big tits a few times a month if he gets back with his ex so she doesn’t drag Lexi into her single-lady train wreck. Sounds like a plan to JMac! And it gets better when she asks him if he’s ever thought of fucking her, and suggests he does! Keep your girlfriend and fuck her big-breasted best friend a few times a month… he needs to go play the lottery!

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Step-Sisters Lexi Luna and Cristi Ann end up sharing a cock

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Conniving Lexi Luna seduces Cristi Ann‘s man for his cock. This chick is super hot, so it wasn’t long until we see her sucking the cock and getting fucked. The two go over to her room while Cristi is looking for Lexi all over the house. We see Lexi’s sexy body take a hard pounding before Cristi angrily walks in. She’s mad at first, but she takes this opportunity to finally do the threesome that she’s been fantasizing about. Yup, Cristi and her stepsister Lexi get wild with JMac’s cock! These two get banged in various positions while licking each other until they both end with their pretty faces glazed!

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Titties In Charge

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Bruce was slacking at work and his gorgeous boss Lexi Luna caught him redhanded. She piled the work onto his desk and demanded he got it done ASAP. If not, there would be hell to pay. He could never keep his eyes trained on her eyes and instead always let them wander down to her cleavage. He would stare at her ample bosom and couldn’t help himself. He started daydreaming about burying his face into her big tits and drifted into la la land. His fantasy became an extremely vivid dream and he enjoyed every minute of manhandling her boobs and plunging his cock into her tight, wet pussy!

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You Snore She Whores

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Lexi Luna is sick and tired of being pushed to the side when it comes to her marriage and not to mention her beauty rest. But when hot and horny exchange student Xander enters the picture, he does more than just cum to her rescue. Lexi’s husband might have some very loud dreams tonight!

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Fuzzy Peach

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Bruce insisted on checking out the pool at his building. Of course, there was no one in sight when we got there. We were about to leave when we struck gold, this amazingly hot chick came by wearing next to nothing as a bathing suit. We went to talk to her right away and found out she was staying at a friend’s house. Lexi Luna got really interested in coming to Bruce’s place when she heard he had his own balcony to sunbathe. When she came over, Bruce just took her straight to the couch where they started fooling around. You have to see the giant knockers on this hot momma and the rest of her awesome curves. It did not take long before Bruce was jamming his tongue in her wet pussy then ramming his cock balls deep down her mouth!

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Welcome to Lexi Luna’s blog

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Welcome to this free blog devoted to delightful Lexi Luna!

This is not the Official Lexi Luna website, you could say this is a Fan Site. I update this blog as often as I can with new free Lexi Luna pictures, videos and tubes. Whenever I have news about Lexi Luna, you will read it here! Don’t hesitate to add nice comments about our favorite adult star 😉 Thank you!

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